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Anne Marie Kam, IFBB Professional

IFBB Pro Physique competitor
IFBB Professional Competitions

Anne Marie Kam is an active IFBB Professional Physique competitor, and consistently places in the top ten of her competitions.


Li'l Awesome Annie is preparing for the upcoming 2015-16 season, and is excited to be onstage later this year!


Photo Shoots and Magazine Layouts

Anne seems to be a "natural" in front of the camera and has done numerous photography layouts for various magazines both in print and online.

If you are interested in contacting her for interviews, guest posing sesssions, photographic layouts or other assignments, she can be contacted via this website.

Emerald Cup Overall Champion Photoshoot

HD photo and video coverage after winning the 30th Anniversary Emerald Cup Bodybuilding Championships.

Placing 1st and Overall in the Women's Physique Division.

Anne went on to win her Pro Card at the USA National Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Videos and Stuff

In the back pump up room getting ready to go onstage to compete in the Women's Lightweight Bodybuilding Division.

The paparazzi was in the back shooting videos and photos of the competitors getting ready.

Here is a short clip of Li'l Awesome Annie practicing her free posing routine.

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