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More about Sand Kam

Certified by American College of Sports Medicine and National Academy of Sports Medicine

Secondary Rehabilitation

Everyone wants to "make a difference" in either the world as a whole, or at least in people's lives in some way or another.

Sand's  involvement in rehab has given him the opportunity to change the lives of many of his patients and clients.

When people are done with their primary care and need to find somewhere to go for further improvements they always seem to find their way to Sand.

His aggressive approach to strength training for rehabilitation has brought extraordinary results for all of his patients. Most have been able to resume their normal lives!

Sports and Hobbies

Sand has been involved in many sports throughout his entire life.

Growing up in Hawaii introduced him to all the beach/water oriented activities such as surfing, boogie boarding, body surfing, skindiving, snorkeling and beach volleyball.

Sand has also successfully competed in gymnastics, Tae Kwon Do, tennis and table tennis tournaments.

Other hobbies include racing motorcycles, skydiving, and SCUBA diving.

Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor

​Sand is from Honolulu, Hawaii, and a certified trainer for over 33 years.
He attended UO and Portland State, and is certified by both the
American College of Sports Medicine and the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He is also a 33-year veteran NPC regional judge for
Bodybuilding, Physique, Fitness, Figure and Bikini competitions.

Boot Camp Video

Four weeks of daily doubles for 90 minutes can be fun and exciting! 

Weightlifting, running, plyometric drills, and what have you makes the camps interesting and fun! The written exams helps to make it extremely educational as well.

Taught by a seasoned master trainer and veteran coach.

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